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Peronal Training

For the athlete, or anyone involved in regular exercise, sports massage will speed recovery from training, loosen and relax tight muscles and identify muscle imbalances which left unchecked can cause injury and posture problems. You don't need to be an athlete to benefit from sports massage; it helps people, both young and old in all walks of life. Massage searches the muscle tissues and identifies and treats areas which are potentially becoming dysfunctional but are not yet noticeable. Don't wait to get injured.

Regular sports massage is proven to help reduce injuries and stiffness and speed your recovery from training.

Many muscle and joint injuries can be treated with sports massage techniques. Adhesions and fibrous tissue is usually caused by scar tissue and can usually be felt by the patient as a hard lump or knot in a muscle, tendons and ligaments can also be affected to. Friction massage is applied to the area to release the fibrous tissue. Joints can be pulled out of alignment by tight unbalanced muscles and cause abnormal wear and tear.

Massage used as a stand alone therapy can provide a wide range of benefits, and also offers a strong complementary role alongside physiotherapy. A sports massage will also increase muscle tissue flexibility, release tight muscle spasm, reduce swelling by increasing the lymphatic flow, increase circulation through congested muscle tissue and can be used to stimulate or calm the nervous system.